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Office Christmas parties: A warning to employers…

Guess what? It’s office Christmas party season and at some point during the coming weeks, we’re sure you’re all booked in for that once-a-year party to end all parties! Mention the words “office Christmas party” and people will react –…

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Halloween & Estate Planning: Visits from the souls of the past

Halloween is that “very American” holiday where the kids dress up to ‘trick or treat’, the students party all weekend and parents stock their pantries with sweets in a bid to protect their homes from the kids and students. Halloween…

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Lichee Hogland - Family Law Solicitor at Southern Waters Legal, Cronulla

Staff Spotlight – Introducing Lichee Hogland

We’re pleased to introduce you to our newest Family Law Lawyer, Lichee Hogland. As Southern Waters Legal continues to grow and the demand for our Family Law services begins to exceed supply, it only makes sense that we increase our…

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