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New NSW Strata Laws 2016

New Strata Laws in NSW: How they’ll affect you as a resident

From July 2016, new strata laws are set to come into effect, with implications for residents of strata apartments and building complexes; as well as property developers in NSW. The laws represent the first major reform to strata laws since…

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Meet the team: 9 Random facts about our staff

Did you know that…. Two of our staff members represent Australia in Oztag Our solicitors regularly assist sporting bodies and sit on judicial tribunals Two of our solicitors this month have organised and participated in Pro bono work Three of…

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Divorce in the digital age - Southern Waters Legal

Divorce in the digital age

Every day our Family Law team assists people during the breakdown of their relationships. In a family law dispute, there is a requirement that each party makes full and frank disclosure of all relevant information once they have separated, to…

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