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What can a HR professional add to your business?

In 2016, Southern Waters Legal was about to celebrate its 7th year in business. Up to this point Leona and I had enjoyed great success, which had led to growth but also unexpected HR issues. These issues started to take…

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The importance of having a Will

Even though a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign, current statistics show that almost one in two Australians do not have a valid Will. According to the NSW Government, 55% of Australians have a…

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Separating and choosing a Lawyer

Separating and choosing a Lawyer – the benefits of seeing an Accredited Specialist in Family Law When parties separate, one or both parties may seek legal advice.  A natural and common concern is which lawyer a person should see.  Lawyers have varying…

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How to avoid Court in a family law dispute

The idea of going to Court often creates a sense of dread for people who have separated from their partners. It is important to know that Court is not the only way to resolve your matter with your former partner….

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