What can a HR professional add to your business?


In 2016, Southern Waters Legal was about to celebrate its 7th year in business. Up to this point Leona and I had enjoyed great success, which had led to growth but also unexpected HR issues. These issues started to take some of our time away from running the business. We decided to tackle these issues head on and employ a HR Consultant to deal with any HR issues and to take on our ‘headaches’. With HR on board we have been able to focus on what we love, which is running the business and providing the best possible service to our clients.  The flow on effect is that we have doubled revenue and staff numbers and halved our HR headaches.

We are now celebrating our firm’s 9th year in practice and Southern Waters HR & Recruitments 2nd year with us. We found the experience and benefits of engaging an outsourced HR solution so positive for our business that we wanted to offer the service to our clients too…and this is where Southern Waters HR & Recruitment was born.

This service is perfect for any business that does not need full time HR but could benefit from some HR guidance. It also offers an incredibly competitive and successful recruitment solution.

If you would like to discuss our experience with us please do not hesitate to call 9135 7618.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Click here to view more information about our services or contact our Human Resources Advisor, Kelly Salmon.

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