Apps for separated parents


When parents are separated, communicating with each other can sometimes be difficult.  Emotions are high and arrangements need to be made for the children but parents are still human and still feel the hurt associated with the breakdown of a relationship.  That said, responsible parents need to find ways to co-parent harmoniously and with the children front of mind.  These days, there is technology that can assist separated parents with their communication if face-to-face communication proves to be difficult.

If you are a separated parent and having difficulty communicating about your children, here are some helpful apps you might like to trial:


This app keeps communication organised and has a bot, ‘Dani’, who offers helpful communication tips to keep communication focused and positive.  The app also highlights important dates and archives everything for future reference.  Divvito also keeps messages between parents private, so children can’t accidentally see any message previews.

 Our Family Wizard

This app includes a shared calendar so that all relevant appointments are available for both parties to view, it also provides a helpful message board and an expense log so that parties can keep on top of expenses for the children.  There is also a journal feature that you can keep entirely private if you want or share with your family along with a feature that allows parents to share photos.


2houses allows you to communicate with your partner about school details, medical information and expenses.  This app helps separated parents communication effectively and stay organised and on top of their children’s needs and activities notwithstanding the geographical gap between the 2 houses.


Though not specifically designed for co-parenting, this app includes shared calendars, to-do lists and has the ability to share photos.  There is also a feature that allows the sharing of favourite recipes which is handy to keep nutrition consistent.  It’s best selling point according to reviews is that it is simple and easy to use.

Parenting apart

This app focuses less on the practicalities of co-parenting and deals more with the emotions of co-parenting.  It allows parents to access literature about how to manage emotions not only for themselves but also for children as well.

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