The curse of the DIY Will

In this VLOG Camille looks at the DIY Will and why you should avoid them.

Why should you seek proper legal advice?

Unfortunately we see first hand the expensive mess left behind when people attempt a DIY Will.

Homemade Wills often cause significant delays in beneficiaries receiving their inheritance, drawn out expensive litigation and family disputes.

So why should you seek proper legal advice when preparing a Will?

  1. To ensure that your assets are distributed and protected as per your wishes.
  2. Strict formalities must be met to ensure a Will is validly executed. If those formalities are not met the Will may be ruled invalid.
  3. To allow you to make informed decisions about your estate plan. For example, advice on how to treat money gifted to a child during your lifetime.
  4. There may be assets which fall outside your Will which you have not considered.
  5. To minimise the risk of costly litigation and delays in dealing with the estate administration.

What are the benefits of getting legal advice?

Too often we see clients start off with the phrase “my situation is basic” for them to then go on to state factors that may complicate their estate.

In this situation we are able to advise and guide the client through their options to deal with the intricacies of their personal circumstances.

In contrast if the client did not seek legal advice and proceeded with a DIY will, they would be ignorant to the potential complications of their personal circumstances.

Seeking proper Estate Planning advice from an experienced Estate Planning solicitor together with a professionally drafted Will gives you peace of mind knowing that your family does not need to deal with the curse of the DIY Will.

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