Choosing the right accomodation and care

There are many options available when you or a family member transitions from independent to assisted living. Whether it is to provide additional support while at home, downsize to a retirement village or permanent care, we break down some key points to consider when choosing the right accomodation and care.

  1. What level of care is needed?

It is important to consider each individual’s needs when determining the level of care. This may range from:

  • Entry level home care to assist with a few day to day tasks;
  • Home care packages to assist with more complex needs while living in your own home;
  • Retirement village which allows for independent living with facilities that may allow you to age in place;
  • Short term respite care to provide short term relief;
  • Permanent care such as in an aged care facility.
  1. What else is on offer?

It is not only about the level of care, but also what can be done to make this time more enjoyable. Consider what the provider is offering to meet social needs or to continue with any hobbies.

  1. Have you visited the facility?

Prior to moving in visit the facility to ensure it is suitable, meet with staff and walk around. It is important to find the right place which you or your family member is comfortable.

  1. Have you reviewed the paperwork?

Review the paperwork prior to signing. If you have any questions about what you are signing, or do not understand it completely we recommend that you speak to a professional such as your lawyer or financial advisor.

  1. Is your estate plan up to date?

Have in place an up to date estate plan. It is important to ensure you or the family member going into care has in a place a Will and documents to cover incapacity (known as a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship). This makes life a lot easier for family should the person going into care become critically ill.

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