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Avoiding the Court process

In our Family Law video series we discuss the common questions we get asked by our clients. In this video Georgia and Leona discuss; if you are going through the process of Separation and Divorce and you don’t want to…

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How does Divorce work?

In our Family Law video series we discuss the common questions we get asked by our clients. In this video Georgia and Leona discuss how divorce works and is this the ‘messy’ part of the process?

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Apps for separated parents

When parents are separated, communicating with each other can sometimes be difficult.  Emotions are high and arrangements need to be made for the children but parents are still human and still feel the hurt associated with the breakdown of a…

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Tips on how to behave in Court

Stepping into a Courtroom can be a daunting prospect.  It’s very formal, there are rules of etiquette to be followed and just generally you probably don’t want to be there. If you do find yourself in a Courtroom, then here…

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What is the best way to document my parenting agreement with my Ex? Parenting Plan or Consent Orders?

If you have reached an agreement with your ex-partner regarding arrangements for your children, there are 2 ways that you can document that agreement, specifically: Parenting Plan; or Consent Orders. Both Parenting Plans and Consent Orders document your parenting arrangement…

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When is it OK to introduce my kids to my new partner?

Separation is difficult.  Separation when there are children involved is incredibly difficult because parents have precious little lives and feelings to manage and consider. One of the challenges as a separated parent is likely to present itself when you re-partner. …

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The 5 most common mistakes family law clients make

Going through a separation can be one of the most challenging times a person will experience.  It is challenging both emotionally and financially and the challenges faced by parties going through a separation can sometimes lead to poor decision-making.  In…

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10 tips to communicate better with your ex

It is no secret that communication is the key to a healthy relationship.  However, communication is also key to a healthy (insofar as it can be healthy) separation.  A breakdown in communication during a relationship can lead to separation and…

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How to organise Mother’s Day with your former partner

This weekend is Mother’s Day, a day that most children recall with fondness in their later years. Unfortunately, for separated parents it can be a difficult day to navigate. To avoid any stress or conflict on the day, it is…

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Skipping out on child support – what are the consequences?

  When parents separate, it is very common for one parent to pay child support to the other to assist in financially supporting the children of the relationship.  In lots of circumstances, the payment of child support is collected and…

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