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What is the best way to document my parenting agreement with my Ex? Parenting Plan or Consent Orders?

If you have reached an agreement with your ex-partner regarding arrangements for your children, there are 2 ways that you can document that agreement, specifically: Parenting Plan; or Consent Orders. Both Parenting Plans and Consent Orders document your parenting arrangement…

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Think Before You Post: Social Media and Family Law

Separating from a husband, wife or partner is often one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Separation can cause heightened emotions in one or both of the parties and unfortunately sometimes this can cause people to vent…

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Becoming electronically undone

We assist people daily in relation to the breakdown of their relationships.  In a Family Law dispute there is a requirement by each party to make full and frank disclosure of all relevant information once they have separated to assist…

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How to manage your debtors in practice

Cash flow is a crucial element to the growth and stability of a business. It is important to ensure that you have access to such cash when you need it. Often, this cannot occur for some businesses because of existing…

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Who gets Spot the dog in your divorce?

For most families, their pets, being a dog, cat, fish, or bird are intricate members of the family. So what happens to Spot or Crookshanks when parties separate? The Australia Veterinary Association estimates 63% of Australians have a pet. Dogs…

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Legal insight into the Pokémon Go phenomenon

                              It’s been just over three weeks since the augmented reality app Pokémon GO was released on an unsuspecting public, and with it’s daily users surpassing twitter…

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What happens to your social media accounts and digital assets when you die?

  Facebook, email accounts, photo sharing apps, iTunes accounts etc. the list goes on! Most of us have an online presence across a number of different platforms, so what happens to that online identity when we die? Many of us…

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It’s not just physical: Domestic violence in family law

  In recent times there has been an increased awareness about domestic and family violence and its prevalence within our society. With an ambassador like Rosie Batty there is a greater awareness that domestic and family violence goes beyond physical…

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New NSW Strata Laws 2016

New Strata Laws in NSW: How they’ll affect you as a resident

From July 2016, new strata laws are set to come into effect, with implications for residents of strata apartments and building complexes; as well as property developers in NSW. The laws represent the first major reform to strata laws since…

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Divorce in the digital age - Southern Waters Legal

Divorce in the digital age

Every day our Family Law team assists people during the breakdown of their relationships. In a family law dispute, there is a requirement that each party makes full and frank disclosure of all relevant information once they have separated, to…

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