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Separating and choosing a Lawyer

Separating and choosing a Lawyer – the benefits of seeing an Accredited Specialist in Family Law When parties separate, one or both parties may seek legal advice.  A natural and common concern is which lawyer a person should see.  Lawyers have varying…

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How to avoid Court in a family law dispute

The idea of going to Court often creates a sense of dread for people who have separated from their partners. It is important to know that Court is not the only way to resolve your matter with your former partner….

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Your first meeting with a family lawyer

Come prepared Come prepared to learn. We will provide you with a lot of information. Bring a notepad or a support person if you think they will help you remember. Try to be ready to tell us your story, what…

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Employment law changes for casual employees

From 1 October 2018, casual employees can now request that their employment be converted from casual to full-time or part-time. A casual employee who works a regular pattern of hours for at least 12 months may put in a request…

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Recent decision shake up businesses who rely on casual employees

A recent decision by the Full Federal Court in Workpac Pty Ltd v Skene[2018] FCAFC 131 has transformed the way employees are classified as “casual”. This case confirmed that a casual employee is defined by the nature of their work, including…

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Family law and vaccinations what you need to know

Family law and vaccinations: what you need to know

Vaccination is a divisive topic. When parents separate and can’t agree when a child should be vaccinated or not, this can become an even bigger issue. As with any dispute surrounding arrangements for children, the ‘best interests of the child’…

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When you don’t want Court to be an option

Separation and divorce – cue conflict. What if we told you that your relationship breakdown doesn’t have to be that way? How, you ask? Collaboration. What is Collaborative Law? Collaborative practice is an alternative dispute resolution process where lawyers and…

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Think Before You Post: Social Media and Family Law

Separating from a husband, wife or partner is often one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Separation can cause heightened emotions in one or both of the parties and unfortunately sometimes this can cause people to vent…

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Uncovering The Truth In Family Law

A marriage or relationship breakdown is often one life’s most challenging events. It’s the start of a new chapter that often brings much uncertainty. It is also often layered with inaccurate statements and complexity. With so much uncertainty, we’d like…

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Tasmania's innovative dementia care

Tasmania’s leading innovative dementia care plans

Tasmania is set to become home to Australia’s first purpose-built dementia village. Construction of the $25 million project is expected to commence in early 2018 in the suburb of Glenorchy in Hobart, complete with a supermarket, cinema, cafes, beauty salon, gardens,…

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