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We can assist Executors and Trustees perform their duties when administrating a deceased estate. We know it can be a difficult time when trying to administer a deceased estate, our aim is to help you through the process.
We are able to provide you with advice in relation to defending, challenging or claiming against a Will. We understand that losing a loved one is already a difficult time that can be made harder by an estate dispute. We therefore always strive to provide our clients with sound legal advice in a caring environment.
Executor Duties
Be informed in detail about the rights and responsibilities of an executor.
Application for Probate
Probate is an Order of the Supreme Court confirming that the deceased’s Will is valid.
Administration of a Small Estate
In some circumstances, a deceased estate may be able to be administered without the need for a grant of Probate.
When a person dies without a Will, an application for Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court may be required.
Defending a Will
Defending a Will can be stressful and complex, make sure you get proper advice to avoid unnecessary stress and delay.
Challenging or Claiming Against a Will
If you feel that you have been unfairly left out of a Will you may be able to make a claim for provision. Maybe you feel that the last Will of the deceased is not valid and that its validity should be challenged.
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Probate and Wills

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