Sutherland 2 Surf 2015: Our team tackle the 11km fun run | Southern Waters Legal

Sutherland 2 Surf 2015: Our team tackle the 11km fun run

Sutherland 2 Surf - Southern Waters Legal

We did it again! 6 members plus 1 junior member of the Southern Waters Legal team hit the road last Sunday for the 2015 Sutherland 2 Surf fun run…

Monique Hayes, Leona Bennett, Leah Sharpe, Chris Stokes, Sarah Carter and Taryn Cowan put on their St George & Sutherland Shire Law Society t-shirts, together raising money for the Sutherland PCYC.

The course spanned from Eton Street, Sutherland, following along the Kingsway, before turning left at the Southern Waters Legal office, and tracking north along the Cronulla beachfront towards the finish line at Wanda beach.

Chris, Taryn and Monique crossed the line first, in just over 60 minutes. Solicitor/athlete Leona Bennett showed some mercy this year, cruising to the end with son Logan, while Sarah and Leah felt no rush, taking their time to soak up the warm winter rays.

More than a few of the team spent the rest of their day eating, and undoing all that hard work…

Monday morning presented new challenges, as colleagues waddled around the office, somewhat impaired by tight and aching muscles.

Taryn reminded the office of her pain every couple of minutes, until finally, Southern Waters Legal came to the rescue, treating the runners to a 60-minute massage gift-voucher, which Taryn put-to-use immediately.

All in all, the team had a safe and enjoyable morning, in support of a great organisation. With the precedent set for company-sponsored massages, we’re sure there’ll be a few extras in the team next year!

Did you run in the Sutherland 2 Surf event this year? Tell us how you went in the ‘Comments’ below.

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