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Commercial Property Real Estate

Buying Property In Your SMSF

Australians are known to love property as an investment vehicle. Generally this has been achieved by borrowing from a bank to purchase property before paying it off over time. Since 2007 self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) have been allowed to…

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6 Superannuation Tips for Contractors & the Self-Employed

1. Look after your future self Superannuation is a way to save for your retirement. When you are a Contractor or Self-Employed, Superannuation is essentially your own obligation. There is no employer squirrelling away your 9.5% for you every pay…

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Self-Managed Super Funds

Super & Tax Case Study Q: What do Spiderman and the Australian Taxation Office have in common? A: They both believe that with great power comes great responsibility. Over half a million SMSFs now exist in Australia, with close to…

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