Selling Property

Selecting an Agent

Now that you have made the decision to sell you will need to select an agent that will market the property to prospective buyers.

How to find an agent

Real provides some excellent tips when thinking about the criteria you consider important when picking your ideal agent.

It is recommended that the agent be local to the area of the property that is being sold. If they are already familiar with the neighbourhood they will be better equipped to advise prospective purchasers with questions relating to the area. They will also be where purchasers go to find properties in your area.

There are usually a substantial number of real estate agents in any local area and so the search can become an overwhelming experience. Local Agent Finder can assist you with finding agents in your area and can compare agents’ services and rates. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential agents their online reviews can assist you to find the agent that is right for you.

Exclusive Agency Agreement

Once you have selected your agent and agreed on the rates that you will be required to pay for marketing and commission on the sale of the property, you will be asked to sign an Exclusive Agency Agreement. You will need to review this agreement carefully prior to signing, making sure that you understand all that has been agreed to. Feel free to contact us should you require assistance with the review of the agreement.

In order to now market the property a Contract for Sale must be prepared which is where we can help. In Part 3 next week we’ll cover off The Contract for Sale.

If you have any questions or should you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at Southern Waters Legal. We offer a free 15 minute no obligation chat if you want to chat through your circumstances.

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