Your Essential Guide to Estate Planning

Research shows that around 50% of people in NSW do not have a Will. Is this on your to-do list? Our Free Guide to Estate Planning will guide you through the process so you can get this organised and know that you are covered.

A complete guide to Probate

Probate is an Order of the Supreme Court confirming that the deceased’s Will is valid. Whether or not you need a Grant of Probate depends on the type and value of assets held by the person at the time they passed away.

Our guide will take you through the step by step process to obtaining probate.

How does the court consider Property Settlement?

Family Law matter clients are often keen to know what percentage of the asset pool they will be entitled to? In order to answer this question we first need to determine how big the pool is? There is no formula that is applied to a property law settlement, but rather a methodology that includes a 5 step process, check out our resource below.

Your Estate Plan Process

An Estate Plan involves formalising your wishes to guarantee you are covered in the event of death or incapacity. It entails the preparation and signing of a will and associated documents and is a crucial part of protecting your beneficiaries.

This plan will take you through the process involved in creating your estate plan documents.

Your Probate Process 

Probate is an Order by the Supreme Court validating the will of the deceased is vaild.

This plan will take you through the step-by-step process of obtaining probate.

The Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia

Embarking on a Family Law matter can be an overwhelming and stressful period in your life.

To gain greater clarity on Family Law matters in court, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia have provided the following informative videos.

We hope these resources provide you with a greater depth of knowledge for your situation. Please contact us should you require any assistance in relation to your Family Law matter or to provide further clarity.

What is a Testamentary Trust and what are the benefits?

A Testamentary Trust is essentially a trust that forms part of a Will. So how is this different to a family trust and what are the benefits of having one?