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Simon Bennett

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Utilise the benefits that arise from having correct Superannuation and Tax advice. Our superannuation & taxation lawyers can help you with a variety of Superannuation and Tax issues, including:
Establishing a SMSF
Superannuation savings are one of the most tax effective ways of saving for the long term. If you believe a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is right for you, our superannuation solicitors can help you get started.
Individual Trustees, Corporate Trustees, Bare Trusts, Trust Deeds. Ensure your SMSF is legally compliant.
Borrowing Through Your SMSF
Thinking of borrowing through your SMSF – our solicitors can help you with the required legal documentation to make it possible.
Transferring Property to Your SMSF
Complying with the Superannuation rules when transferring property to your SMSF can save you substantial amounts of money.
Death Benefit Nominations
Superannuation benefits held in a public fund or within a SMSF do not automatically go to your estate to be dealt with by your Will on your death. Your Superannuation Death Benefit should be considered when implementing an effective estate plan.
Utilising Tax Concessions
Before you enter into a transaction make sure you consider any available tax concessions. It could save you thousands of dollars.
Tax Advice
Tax impacts many aspects of our lives be it income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty or land tax. Make sure you have the right advice for your circumstances.
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