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(including Wills, Power of Attorney & Guardianship)
Asset Protection
Structuring the ownership of your assets and your inheritance can legally protect assets from potential creditors.
A correctly structured Will can provide asset protection and taxation advantages for your beneficiaries. Does your Will do this?
Power of Attorney
Granting someone a Power of Attorney means you grant them the power to deal with your legal and financial affairs.
Health Guardian
Your Guardian can make medical and lifestyle decisions for you if you are unable to do so.
Did you know your Superannuation is not automatically governed by your Will?
Reducing Tax
No one wants to pay too much tax. Certain structures provide greater taxation benefits than others. Let us help you create the most beneficial structure for your circumstances.
Will Protection
Want to leave someone out of a Will? There are ways and means you can use to minimise their chances of making a successful claim.
Business Exit
A correctly structured business exit strategy can save thousands of dollars in tax.
You may have an Estate Plan or just a Will but does it reflect your current circumstances and wishes?
Children’s Guardians
If something happens to you and your partner, a Guardian is required to look after your children. Will they know what to do?
Controlled Entities
Did you know assets held by external entities like companies, trusts and self-managed super funds may not be covered by your Will or Power of Attorney?
How we look after your Estate Planning

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