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Unfortunately not all relationships last forever. Separation can be emotionally challenging and legally confusing and resolving your Family Law disputes can seem impossible. Our team has expertise and experience but most importantly empathy for your situation. We are able to guide you through the legal and emotional maze.
On occasions when parties cannot reach agreement and where there is no compromise, our expert team can assist them in filing an Application in the Family Court and navigating their way through the Court process to obtain the best possible result for their circumstances.
Our Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Leona Bennett and her team can advise clients on all issues relevant to the breakdown of a relationship including:
Parenting Arrangements
A key concern for most people when they separate is the living arrangements of the children post separation. It is important to discuss, as soon as possible, after separation what will happen in relation to the children and their time with each parent.
Property Settlement
Going through a separation is an emotionally difficult time. Added to this is the financial stress of dividing your assets. It is important that you receive advice about what is an appropriate division of assets based upon your circumstances.
Obtaining a Divorce is often the final step in dealing with a property division and can be done by consent or by one party alone.
Child Support
Following separation, parties are often confused about their obligation to pay or their right to receive child support. Gaining an understanding of your child support liability or rights is imperative in planning your future.
Asset Protection Combining Financial Agreements
Second relationships, de-facto relationships, entering a relationship later in life. More people are entering relationships with significant assets in their own right, a key concern for clients is the protection of their assets when entering into a new relationship. We regularly advise clients on the benefits of Binding Financial
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