Financial Support

In this VLOG Amy shares what types of financial support you can access if you separate from your partner.

The two most common forms of financial support are child support and spouse maintenance.

What is child support?
Child support covers the costs of the children, and that amount is payable until your kids reach the age of 18.
How is this calculated?
The amount is calculated based on a particular formula and the factors that are considered in calculating the amount include:
  • the age of your children
  • the amount of children that you have
  • the amount of nights that you spend time with the children
  • the respective incomes of the parents.

This is governed by the Child Support Agency and often will just come directly out of one parent’s pay.

A useful tool in calculating child support is the child support calculator. This can provide you with a good estimate of the amount that is payable or will be payable.

What is spouse maintenance?
Spouse maintenance is an amount that is payable for the support of one of the actual parties rather than the children.
How is this calculated?
The spouse maintenance costs are not a set amount and completely depends on your circumstances based on one parties capacity to make payment of spousal maintenance and the other party having a need for that spouse maintenance.
Some circumstances may allow a party to receive both child support and spouse maintenance. Also, another thing that should be factored in is that you may also have access to some Centerlink benefits, as often when you separate and become a single person you are entitled to amounts that you may not have previously been entitled to receive.

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