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Working as a lawyer takes several years of study, commitment, and a strong moral compass to navigate the ethical complexities of finding legal solutions.

The prevailing reason most lawyers in our team decided to study law and thereafter work as a lawyer, is to help people. It is this that drives us each day as we assist people during what is often the most challenging time of their life.

As family lawyers, we help people navigate their separation and post-separation life, working through financial and parenting issues, and the emotional difficulties that invariably stem from this. It takes empathy, problem-solving and strong communication skills to finalise any matter, as well as technical expertise.

Whilst it is not a job that is accurately reflected by the glamour of Suits, nor the suspense or drama of Your Honour or Better Call Saul, it is resolving matters for our clients in unique and practical ways that brings us the greatest joy.

It is the same for our commercial and estates team. Working to find solutions to commercial problems, or dividing an estate, is what our team is passionate about.

The reason our team specifically likes working at Southern Waters Legal is because we genuinely enjoy spending time together. We are so lucky to have a team with a range of experts across practice areas that we can rely upon. But more than that, each team member’s commitment to our shared values fosters genuine friendships between us all.

Our team at Southern Waters is hand-picked for their alignment with our firm values of:

  1. Excellence;
  2. Empathy;
  3. Team-work & communication;
  4. Can-do attitude; and
  5. Integrity

We meet to discuss how we and our team members are living those values each week.

Working at Southern Waters and being a lawyer is a privilege that none of us take for granted.

Separating and choosing a Lawyer – the benefits of seeing an Accredited Specialist in Family Law

When parties separate, one or both parties may seek legal advice.  A natural and common concern is which lawyer a person should see.  Lawyers have varying levels of experience and with the varying levels of experience come different levels of costs.  This gives rise to another common concern, being the amount of legal fees a person is going to spend.

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