Now that you have made the decision to sell you will need to select an agent that will market the property to prospective buyers. 

In Part 2 of our guide to buying and selling property, we look at Stamp Duty and the concessions and grants that are available to first home buyers.

Is it time for an upgrade? Or time to downsize? If you’re thinking about selling but do not know where to start the following step by step guide will help you through the process of selling your property.

So, you’re looking at buying a new home which will inevitably be one of the biggest financial investments and emotional commitments that you will make. For those new to the property market and the conveyancing process, buying your home may seem overwhelming at times.

Our conveyancing team has put together this helpful 9-part guide that looks at the process involved when purchasing a property. Let’s get started with the first step, Finance and Deposit.

There’s good news for investors nervous about purchasing property ‘off-the-plan’. Recent changes to NSW property laws will make it harder for unscrupulous developers to back out of off-the-plan contracts for residential property.

What are off-the-plan contracts?

An off-the-plan contract is a contract to buy a property which has not yet been created.  That property may be vacant land to be created on registration of a plan of subdivision (e.g., the Shearwater Landing development at Greenhills Beach), an apartment to be constructed and created on registration of a strata plan (eg. the Woolooware Bay apartments) or anything in between.

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We’ve all heard the statistics about children living with their parents into their thirties, but while crippling house prices may be to blame, some parents are taking a more pro-active approach and shuffling their children out the door and into their very own first home.

Even the most kind-hearted parents however must think about how this may affect them and their children moving forward. Is the help going to be a one-time offer or ongoing, what sort of exposure will you face and does the reward outweigh the risk?

The more common approaches to helping your children buy property are:

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