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A complete guide to Probate

Probate is an Order of the Supreme Court confirming that the deceased’s Will is valid. Whether or not you need a Grant of Probate depends on the type and value of assets held by the person at the time they passed away. Our guide will take you through the step by step process to obtaining probate.


The role of an Appointor in a Family Trust

The role of an Appointor in a Discretionary Trust Deed or Family Trust is important as they have the power to decide who the trustee is in the deed. We often come across trust deeds for clients who are not sure who the Appointor is. It’s vital that you find out who is the nominated person and ensure they are the correct person to hold this position. If there’s someone appointed in the role that you do not want in that position, they can potentially change the trustee without any authority of the current trustee and then potentially get control of that trust. It’s extremely important to review the trust deed or get advice to make sure the correct person is appointed. If we can offer any advice for your situation please get in touch.


Do I need a Shareholders Agreement?

Do you have a shareholders agreement in place for your business?
Are you covered for events like insolvency, bankruptcy, or if a shareholder becomes incapacitated? Its important to cover yourself as unfortunately these things can happen. Camille explains what is a Shareholders Agreement and why you should have one in place.