Collaborative Law

In this VLOG Leona looks at the concept of collaborative law and how this process is different from the traditional approach to family law.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is a different approach to practicing family law. It is where the parties and their respective lawyers commit to a process that is resolution based.

What’s involved?

It involves all the parties sitting around a table with their respective lawyers and often a coach to guide them through the process.

At the outset, the parties are contracted not to go to court and not to threaten to go to court. As a group, they work towards a resolution that benefits their family. So, instead of being all about everybody’s entitlements, it becomes more about the best way to resolve this for the family to move forward.

What are the benefits?

One of the greatest parts of collaborative law is that it’s completely transparent and the advice you’re given and the advice your partner is given, often happens around the same table so everybody hears it.

This process takes out a lot of that unknown, and allows everybody to have open dialogue about what their family needs, beyond the separation.

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