Changes to strata and community scheme laws

Voting and executing documents electronically

Changes to strata and community scheme laws will start on 30 September 2022. The updated laws relate to electronic voting for meetings and using an electronic form of the seal when executing documents.

These changes will replace the temporary COVID-19 measures that have applied to strata and community schemes since June 2020.

The key changes starting on 30 September 2022 include:

  • Strata and community land schemes can meet and vote in person, or by using electronic means specified in the meeting notice without the need for a prior resolution. The exception is for pre-meeting electronic voting, which still needs a prior resolution.
  • If using electronic voting at a meeting, reasonable steps must be taken to ensure eligible voters can participate in and vote at the meeting.
  • Updated procedures for nominating and electing strata and association committee members and office holders.
  • Schemes can keep and use an electronic form of their seal for the execution of documents.
Transitioning to the new laws

If a scheme arranged pre-meeting electronic voting for a matter before 30 September 2022 for a meeting held on or after 30 September, a prior resolution is not required.

More information

Visit the NSW Government webpages to find out more about the changes:

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