Purchasing Property

Now that Contracts have exchanged and a settlement date has been set, it is time to start planning your move. Moving can be an overwhelming experience so we have prepared a checklist to make the transition easier.

Three weeks before the move
  • Collect items you no longer want to keep and give them to the local charity, or have a garage sale, or take them to your local tip
  • Find new homes for any plants that are not being relocated
  • Organise childcare for the day of the move if necessary
  • Organise for someone to look after your pets the day before and after the move
  • If you are using a moving company now is the time to book one in as they may book out quickly on your moving date (for example on a weekend)
  • Arrange home and contents insurance for your new property. Your bank will often need a copy of this as part of your finance application
Two weeks before the move
  • Gather moving supplies (newspapers, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, scissors, rope/string)
  • Start packing items that will not be used before the move
  • Label boxes with their contents and the room to which it will be delivered. Keep a list of what is in each box and number them to make it easier to sort
  • Place legal, medical and insurance records in a safe and accessible place
  • If you are arranging a cleaner for your previous property it is best to look into now
A week before the move
  • Fill any prescriptions that will be required
  • Start using any frozen food and perishable goods
  • Notify organisations/people of your change of address. You may also need to arrange for connections of services to the new address – We have put together a Change of address checklist to help you organise this.

Post office redirect – You also have the option of redirecting your mail so that it can be forwarded directly to your new address. This can be done for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

A few days prior to the move
  • Pack all essential items and have all boxes clearly labelled
  • Drain fuel from lawn mower, empty gas cylinders or bottles
  • Use or dispose of any food you will not be taking with you
The day before the move
  • Defrost your freezer, empty and clean out your refrigerator
  • Do the laundry
  • Pack your last couple of boxes
  • Pack a small moving back to keep with you containing the following: snacks, water, mobile phone, wallet, first aid items, wet weather gear, tape, & keys
  • Pack a box of essentials for when you arrive at your new home eg. tea, coffee, sugar, kettle, mugs, cutlery, paper plates and plastic cups, long life milk, breakfast items, garbage bags
  • Make sure that sheets and pillowcases are easily accessible to make beds for your first night in your new home

You can download a copy of the above checklist here: Planning your move

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